10/18/2012 11:38 am ET

Lady Gaga Offered Role In 'Zoolander 2': Report

Pop star Lady Gaga better be working on her "Blue Steel."

Lady Gaga is reportedly in talks to join the cast of "Zoolander 2," The Sun reports. She has allegedly been offered a $4.8 million deal by actor and producer Ben Stiller, who will return as boneheaded male model Derek Zoolander.

Gaga will reportedly star in "Zoolander 2" as the love interest of Derek and his rival Hansel McDonald (Owen Wilson), according to The Sun. “Gaga is top of their wish-list. She has the talent and attitude — and an amazing sense of humor," a source told the newspaper. Other contenders for the role reportedly include Kate Upton, Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima.

In 2010, Wilson said that if a "Zoolander 2" comes to fruition, he wants Gaga in it. "She has to be [in it]" he said during an interview with MTV News. At the time, no role had been slated, but Wilson said "she definitely could be ... maybe she makes a good foil for Hansel."

Talks of a "Zoolander" sequel surfaced back in May when Stiller revealed some plot details to Empire. The story will pick up where the first "Zoolander," which premiered in 2001, left off more than a decade ago.

“Ten years is a thousand years. They’re both totally out of it and have to start from scratch," Stiller told Empire. “And then there are things set up at the end of the first movie that we’re able to build on, like Derek and Matilda have a son, and Mugatu went to jail. There’s a lot there, I’m excited about the idea of doing it. It feels like it’s getting close to going.”

However, in May, Stiller said that the "Zoolander 2" script was at a bit of a standstill. Stiller wrote the script with Jennifer Aniston's fiance Justin Theroux, who will direct the follow-up film, according to MTV. Theroux played the Evil DJ in the first flick.

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