10/18/2012 08:46 am ET

'My Life Is a Lifetime Movie' Premiere: Woman's Husband Was A Cuban Spy (VIDEO)

People have pretty clear ideas of what constitutes a Lifetime movie. Often they are filled with melodramatic scenes and crazy relationships that take left turns into even crazier territory. That's the kind of real-life scenarios explored in the new series "My Life Is a Lifetime Movie."

Ana Margarita's story was told via reenactments in the premiere of the new reality series, and her story certainly had those unexpected twists and turns. She met and fell in love with Juan Pablo at church. He claimed to have swam through shark-infested waters to America, having fled Cuba. The truth was far more sinister.

He joined an organization called Brothers to the Rescue, which was a group of pilots who helped people trying to flee Cuba. But then, he left suddenly. He told her he had to go on a trip, but the next time she saw him was on the television.

She thought he'd died because a few days after he left, two Brothers to the Rescue planes were shot down. The truth was that he was a spy sent by Fidel Castro's government to infiltrate the organization.

While Ana still hasn't found love, she did successfully sue the Cuban government and won $20 million.

Will viewers enjoy this true-life take on Lifetime's signature movie style? Or will they find it too cheesy, as Zap2It did? "My Life Is a Lifetime Movie" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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