10/18/2012 07:44 am ET

'Nashville': Juliette Tries Stripping To Convince Deacon To Work With Her (VIDEO)

This week on "Nashville," the story settled more on Juliette, adding layers of dimension to her pop-diva performance. While she's towing the company line and being whoever the label wants her to be day to day, she still has a burning desire to play real country music that means something. That's part of her attraction to Deacon, and why she wants him on her tour.

But while he's proved himself committed to Rayna -- agreeing to go on an intimate tour with her -- he's also more than willing to play with Juliette. This week, that included a songwriting session with her that produced a song she could be proud of. But the magic of successful collaboration wasn't all Juliette had up her sleeves to lure Deacon away from Rayna.

She stripped topless and lured him into the waters like a siren for some fun and frolicking. "Oh, Deacon. You are a dead man," Deacon said as he gave in to his base desires and joined her in the lake.

But his heart remains with Rayna, as it was her he called on stage to perform with at the club later, despite both women being in the audience. Looks like someone's caught in the middle, and Juliette doesn't like not getting what she wants. Juliette and Rayna are definitely at odds over their careers and their music, so why not add Deacon to that list?

The drama continues every Wednesday on "Nashville" at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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