10/18/2012 05:41 pm ET

Patrick Dempsey Got His 'Hand Slapped' For Tweeting 'Grey's Anatomy' Spoiler (VIDEO)

"Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey got in some hot water in August when he tweeted a massive "Grey's" spoiler: that Eric Dane's character Mark Sloan, aka McSteamy, would die in the plane crash that rocked the series' Season 8 finale.

Dempsey addressed the social media snafoo Thursday on "HLN's Morning Express." "I sometimes share the storylines a little too early. So I got my hand slapped for spoiling certain episodes. I gave an indication [McSteamy] wouldn't survive the plane crash."

For his part, Dane wasn't too upset that his co-star spoiled his big moment. On an earlier appearance on "Ellen," Dane said, "He took the picture, and he said, 'I'm gonna tweet this,' and I said, 'Well you should, that'll piss somebody off, so go for it.'"

Dempsey also told "Morning Express" that he expects "Grey's" has a season or two left in it, depending on how strong the ratings are this season.

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