10/18/2012 05:03 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2012

Romney's Climate Change Stance Criticized In 'F*ck You, Science!' Video

Does science, with its "laws and dictates," frustrate you? Comedian W. Kamau Bell shares his feelings in this video from progressive Super PACs American Bridge and the Jewish Council for Education and Research, joking, "Fuck you, science!"

Referring to Mitt Romney's questionable stance on climate change, Bell says, "I think Mitt might be on to something really big here," and mockingly applauds him for being the "only candidate willing to boldly stand up" against science.

The video references comments Romney made to a group at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in October 2011. The Republican presidential nominee said, "My view is that we don't know what's causing climate change on this planet. And the idea of spending trillions and trillions of dollars to try to reduce CO2 emissions is not the right course for us."

Romney has since doubled down on his apparent opposition to climate change mitigation efforts. He said during his Republican National Convention acceptance speech, "President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans," pausing for the audience to laugh, "and to heal the planet. My promise ... is to help you and your family."

In his 2012 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, Obama declared "Climate change is not a hoax."

During his tenure as governor of Massachusetts, Romney introduced a Climate Protection Plan for his state. Romney wrote that the plan puts an "emphasis on actions, not discourse," and includes many "policies [that] will not be easy to implement." In 2003, he stood in front of a coal-fired power plant in Salem, Massachusetts and declared, "I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people. And that plant kills people."

Romney's apparent flip-flop on climate science comes amid a campaign in which both the former governor and President Obama have been charged with "climate silence" by activists.

During the October 16 presidential debate on New York's Long Island, Obama and Romney sparred over their support for domestic oil, coal and natural gas production, but neither candidate addressed climate change.

Along with this video, The Jewish Council on Education and Research has produced similar pro-Obama ads featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Silverman and Rosie Perez.



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