10/18/2012 04:47 pm ET

Sharon Osbourne, 'The Talk' Co-Host, On Bad Pickup Lines

The ladies of "The Talk" are opening up about some of their most awkward pickup moments.

“I feel like when it comes to being picked up, I am, like, the slowest to know what’s happening,” says Sara Gilbert. “I remember this one time I was in New York City and I was hanging out with this girl, and I just thought we were friends or something. And then all of a sudden, she was like, 'Oh, it [is] getting late, we should go get massages.' There this massage place that’s open until 4 in the morning. I was like, 'Okay, I can get a massage.' So we got there and she’s rented out some hot tub. Suddenly I realize we are alone and it's private, and I was like, 'Is she picking me up?'”

Co-host Julie Chen says an admirer who tried to pick her up in New York City wasn’t so subtle after he'd been out all night on the town.

“I actually think I might have one of the most offensive pickup lines,” says Julie. “Now, granted this guy was so drunk. It was early one morning. I was standing in line for a coffee, and you could tell he was a drunken guy from night before. Stumbling, trying to get a coffee, and I see him kind of leering at me. And he comes up, and he goes, 'I normally go to Panda Garden for No. 23, but I just want your number now!'"

Sharon Osbourne didn’t disclose her own worst pickup moment, but the "America's Got Talent" judge did reveal the technique of a huge male celebrity she once worked with.

“I think it's all disgusting. However, I did work with this guy, quite recently, and he used to have little photographs of himself. And he would sign them and put his phone number on and pass them out to ladies in the audience. That’s sad, isn’t it?”

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