10/18/2012 07:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama And Romney Voters' Pop Culture Preferences Might Surprise You (INFOGRAPHIC)

An election cycle already renowned for partisan rhetoric has apparently divided pop-culture worlds as well. At least, that's if an infographic published by StumbleUpon and Visual.ly is to be believed.

The graphic relies on data collected by the content discovery site to determine a wide range of voters' tastes in everything from classic rock (spoiler: Obama voters prefer John Lennon) to favored comics (Romney supporters dig Batman).

Some of the results aren't remotely surprising (Romney supporters drink beer), while others are downright odd: Obama voters prefer Romeo and Juliet; Romney voters go for Hamlet. Surely there's a Shakespeare expert out there somewhere who could dissect the implications of each.

And in the "Celebrities" category, it seems Obama's talk-show appearances have paid off: fans of Ellen DeGeneres are also big fans of the president. Fans of Romney? They prefer Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe.

See the whole range of findings below:
obama vs romey supporters