10/18/2012 01:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Suri Cruise Has A Really Important Conversation On Her Cell Phone [PHOTO]

When should you buy your child a cellphone? It's a parental quandary that isn't going away any time soon. Moms and dads grapple with the issue, but haven't found one specific answer. In a recent Mashable poll, sixty-six percent said the right age is somewhere between 11- to 14-years-old.

If you're taking notes from Katie Holmes, however, your 6-year-old should already be on the family plan. Of course, Suri Cruise has always been mature for her age -- she wears lipstick and has been photographed in high heels more than once.

Suri's latest grown-up move was captured in this photo. According to Lil' Sugar, Suri and her mom were out for a walk in NYC, when they sat down and proved (once again) how similar they are.

suri cruise cell phone

The Daily Mail says that Suri was planning a playdate with a cute little boy who appears to be an iPhone guy. The two seem excited to see each other (despite what Suri's judgey tone says in her so-called Burn Book). That said, orange shirt kid better watch out that he doesn't fall out of favor with Little Miss Cruise. Everyone knows what happens when she gets mad.