10/18/2012 07:05 am ET Updated Oct 18, 2012

'Survivor: Philippines': Matsing Tribe Decimated, Contestant Leaves Competition From Illness (VIDEO)

There's an irony to someone getting removed by medical from "Survivor: Philippines." After all, the twist of this season was that three former contestants who'd been medically evacuated on their seasons were given a second chance, and now the show has claimed another victim. In this case, though, it was the contestant's call as medical didn't see a life-threatening need to remove her.

It all went down shortly after the first reward challenge of the season. With Matsing decimated, the tribe was dismantled completely at this challenge. Malcolm -- who'd found the immunity idol, with Denise's help -- found himself the newest member of Tandang, while Denise joined Kalabaw.

Finding that immunity idol must have given Malcolm some fortune that traveled with him. His tribe won both challenges this week. That means that Tandang has still never lost, while poor Denise has still never felt the feeling of victory.

Before the immunity challenge, though, it was her tribemate Dana who crashed. She became so ill that medical was called and she pulled herself from the game. Suddenly, they were down one person. After losing the immunity challenge, they needed to cut another. With the all-girl alliance dashed thanks to Dana's removal from the game, the guys were able to lure Denise onto their alliance. With that, it was down to Dawson or Katie.

Katie screwed up the start of the challenge while Dawson knew Jeff Kent's baseball past. Jeff suspected that she did, and it was Dawson who saw her time to come to an end. She could have exposed him on her way out, but instead she gave Jeff Probst some loving in the form of a kiss and a hug.

The competition continues on "Survivor: Philippines," Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.



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