10/18/2012 09:20 am ET

Table Etiquette: How To Eat Spaghetti (VIDEO)

Unless you were born deep in the heart of Italy, cradled in a blanket of pasta, knowing how to gracefully eat a bowl of spaghetti is a skill you have to learn. And it isn't one that necessarily comes easily.

When you're young it's acceptable to cut your bowl of noodles into easily fork-able pieces, but as you get older that just doesn't fly any more. And slurping up your pasta (getting sauce all over your face) isn't acceptable either.

You might think there's no other way; that spaghetti cannot get to your mouth without some sort of debasing technique. But this just isn't so. Watch the video above, brought to us by "Fine Dining Lovers" and learn how to devour a bowl of pasta with skill and finesse -- just like an Italian child would.

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