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Craig Romney, Youngest Romney Son, Stumps For His Dad In Colorado

Craig Romney is glad his mother has a short memory.

That's partly because he might not be here today if she didn't, but mostly because he said he's afraid of what might happen to the United States if his father, Mitt Romney, is not elected president.

"This was a family decision to run," Romney said to about three dozen people gathered at Lincoln Park on Wednesday. "When he ran the first time, we were all anxious and like, 'Go get 'em,' because we didn't know what was coming. This time we all had concerns, but we all said, 'Not only should you run, but for the sake of our country, you have to run.' "

Romney was in Greeley campaigning for his father in a counter-attack to Vice President Joe Biden's visit.

Romney joked that when his dad completed his term as governor of Massachusetts, his mother had a friend videotape her saying she would never do it again.

"He looked at my mom and said, 'You remember what you said?' And she said, 'Yeah, but I said that after each of our children were born, too.' I'm glad she has a short memory. I'm the youngest of five," he said drawing laughter from the crowd that had stood around for nearly two hours waiting to hear him speak.

While they were waiting, the small crowd of mostly campaign volunteers talked among themselves about what they would do if Obama were re-elected.

"Move to Texas," one said. "They can secede and they are on their own grid, so they could shut everything off at the borders."

Romney, who was traveling Colorado with former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez, told the crowd he thought it was ironic that President Barack Obama continues to tell everyone that Mitt Romney couldn't balance the budget.

"He's spent 25 years in business balancing the budget," Romney said. "When he took over the Olympics, it had a $400 million deficit. When he left four years later, it had a $100 million surplus."

Before he left, he reminded everyone how important the vote in Colorado is.

"There is plenty of time to sleep in 21 days," Romney said. "Fewer than 100 votes could decide Colorado. It is a critical state. If you reached out to just five friends each and asked them to vote, imagine what that would do." ___

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