10/19/2012 12:57 pm ET

Alessandra Guercio, Teen 'Voice' Contestant, Saved By Christina Aguilera (VIDEO)

You know you've got a shot in the music business when Christina Aguilera is rooting for her you -- and that's exactly what happened last night for 17-year-old "The Voice" contestant Alessandra Guercio. Adam Levine had Alessandra and 17-year-old Kayla Nevarez battle through their dynamic rendition of Katy Perry's "Wide Awake."

All four judges agreed that both girls were excellent singers; Alessandra's gravelly twang and Kayla's sweet vibrato played off each other perfectly. But the competition came down to a matter of confidence. Levine wished Kayla had been more humble, but he also wanted to see more confidence from Alessandra.

"Alessandra, it seemed as though your belief in yourself wasn't strong enough," he lamented. "I felt this insecurity in you that honestly made me sad, because I want you to believe how good you are." Ultimately, Levine chose Kayla.

That's when Christina stepped in with a pep talk. "Let's work on that confidence thing," she said. "No woman should feel they aren't confident in any way." She told Alessandra that she knew related to how she was feeling from her own experiences on "The Mickey Mouse Club." In a surprising twist, she hit her button to "steal" Alessandra for her own team, putting the young singer through to the next week of competition.

"I think it's a great opportunity because I got to work with Adam and now I get Christina. I get the best of both worlds," Alessandra told CBS News.

This may be one of the final times Adam and Christina battle over contestants. Next season, Christina and Cee-Lo will take time off from the show, to be replaced by Shakira and Usher. Christina's album Lotus drops on November 13.

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