10/19/2012 02:22 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

Café D'Mongo's Speakeasy - Bartender Questions

Courtney Smith, 27
Chris Krsteski, 32

Café d'Mongo's Speakeasy

So, you're a bartender? Is that what you call yourself?
COURTNEY SMITH: I call myself a lot of things. But when I'm here, that's what other people call me.

You call yourself a speakeasy. What secret activities are engaged in?
CHRIS KRSTESKI: I try to raid my dad's stash of moonshine and keep that here at all times. Ryan Gosling came in here two weeks in a row. We did a shot with him, and he killed, like, three bottles with us. Larry [Mongo, our boss] brought it out. We got ruined. Brought out another one the next time he came back, and another one. Started jamming on the piano. He was totally cool. He started playing

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