10/19/2012 09:37 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2013

Halloween Cocktail Party Food For Grown-Ups, No Babies Allowed (PHOTOS)

Put the kids to bed, everyone. This Halloween party menu is not for babies.

We love Halloween and we love adorable treats for kids. We love scary, gory Halloween dishes meant to shock and delight. But we also really love food that tastes good, and when we invite our friends over for a dinner party, we want to blow their minds every time. That's why, today, we're talking about a Halloween Cocktail Party for grown-ups.

We've left room for a bit of whimsy, absolutely. This holiday is supposed to be about having fun, cutting loose and indulging your scary side. But we also insist on some authenticity. If we're going to serve something brain-shaped, you'd better believe there will be real brains involved. We've pulled together a menu of delicious and exciting (guys, we get excited about this stuff) hearts, tentacles, bones and -- of course -- lots of cocktails.

Halloween Food For Adults

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