10/19/2012 05:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Halloween Decorations: Mini Ghost Town Candles From Country Living

Use an image of any building to make a glass votive holder into creepy decor.

We're very excited to bring you a great Halloween decoration idea from one of our favorite magazines, Country Living. All text and images below are provided by Country Living. Get ready to get crafty!

Mini Ghost Town

halloween decorations

Inspired by a post on fellowfellow.com, this project uses an image of any building—be it your home, or a ghoulish landmark like the Bates Motel—to transform a standard glass votive holder. Begin by copying the image onto plain paper or card stock (resizing if necessary, so the building is wide enough to wrap around your votive holder). Using an X-Acto knife, cut around the roofline and any treetops; also cut out windows where glass panes would be. Wrap the image around your votive holder, securing the ends with clear tape. Lastly, pop a battery-operated candle ($12.97 for six; walmart.com) into the holder, and flick on the spectral flames.

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