10/19/2012 10:39 am ET Updated Oct 19, 2012

Homeless Man Shot, Dog Killed After Miami-Dade Police Officer Attacked With Concrete (PHOTOS)

What should have been a routine traffic stop Thursday left a homeless man shot, a dog dead, and a police car damaged after it was struck with concrete.

Miami-Dade Police say the officer was about to exit her car to conduct a traffic stop at the intersection of 56th Street and Northwest 22nd Avenue in Brownsville when homeless resident Jack Scott, 56, threw "large pieces of concrete" at vehicle, shattering the window.

“I hate fuckin’ cops,” he yelled, continuing to throw rocks at the officer and her cruiser as she retreated within the car, then fired her gun, missing him.

But when Scott walked toward three people in the car the officer had pulled over, police say the officer feared for their safety, prompting her to shoot Scott in the leg.

Though he walked away with his shopping cart before police arrested him and took him to a local hospital, a large crowd from a nearby apartment building gathered around the scene and some bystanders became “verbally confrontational,” screaming obscenities, according to police.

One man, Charles Woodson, 26, was standing with his dog leashed on a chain and refused to leave even after the crowd cleared out. An unnamed male police officer told him multiple times to leave, but Woodson allegedly “kept staring at the officer.”

Police say that Woodson then let go of the leash and ordered his dog, “Get him.” The dog bit the officer in the abdomen, leaving three puncture wounds, and Woodson ran from the scene. The officer shot and killed the dog.

Woodson was located and arrested, and denied telling the dog to attack the officer. He was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

Scott was booked on two counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon and throwing a deadly missile.

Traffic Stop Gone Wrong