10/19/2012 08:17 am ET Updated Oct 19, 2012

'Little Shop Of Gypsies' After 300 Man Hours, This 180-Pound Wedding Dress Is Complete (VIDEO)

The extravagant wedding dresses spotlighted on the various "gypsy" shows have always been astonishing to see. The latest venture, "Little Shop of Gypsies," focuses on the people who create these dresses. This week, the gypsy girls continued learning the art of traveler dressmaking, getting to see a truly remarkable wedding dress.

"Louisa’s enormous dress weighs 180 lbs. and took more than 300 man hours to make," the narrator said, and the gypsies absolutely loved it.

On Twitter, fan reactions were mixed. Several said they'd have no interest in the crazy and over-the-top designs, but others would love to have a traveler-made dress; if not for a wedding, maybe for a memorable outing.

The dresses keep coming on "Little Shop of Gypsies," Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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