10/19/2012 07:11 am ET Updated Oct 19, 2012

'Parks And Recreation': Leslie Supposed To Teach Abstinence-Only Sex Education To Senior Citizens (VIDEO)

Leslie Knope tackled the serious issue of STDs among the elderly on the latest "Parks And Recreation." What she didn't expect to battle was the fact that in Pawnee, the only type of sex education that's allowed to be taught is abstinence. And because of how the law is written, this applies to everyone, and not just children in school.

While this derailed Leslie for a bit, she ultimately stuck to her guns. And, as a city councilwoman, she's in a position to change the law, despite it appearing that an overwhelming percentage of the Pawnee population supports abstinence-only sex education.

Still, this is the kind of thing that fires Leslie up, so it may just be the beginning of her fighting for change, as she found her strength of conviction in this new role. She also discovered a new relationship dynamic with Chris, now that she's kind of technically his boss.

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