10/19/2012 04:35 pm ET Updated Oct 23, 2012

Weekend DIY Ideas: 8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Home In 2 Days (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This weekend, your first plan should be to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather (that's at the top of our list!). But after, why not use some of that free time to perform some necessary maintenance and make some improvements on your home? Focus on completing some projects that will make your home safer, cleaner and just more comfortable to spend time in, since unfortunately, this great weather won't last for long.

If your toilet randomly flushes and has been driving you nuts, why not start with that? Remove the lid from the tank and check the positioning of the flapper and ball, making sure they sit aligned. Also, check the tightness of the chain--you might need to loosen it up. If this doesn't fix your "phantom flush," try cleaning off the buildup in the tank. Watch the video above for the full instructions and click through our slideshow for 7 more easy weekend DIY ideas.

8 Weekend DIY Ideas

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