10/20/2012 09:56 am ET

National Geographic Photo Book Shows Colors Around The World

When hopping on a plane to your dream destination is out of the question, what do you turn to to quell your wanderlust? Reading travel stories or swooning over photos from afar may hold off your appetite for travel, or they may make your desire to take off even more insatiable.

Either way, it's always inspiring to look through masterfully-composed pictures from around the world. We're not talking about those awkward disposable camera gems of you and your relatives posing in front of monuments, or those Instagram snapshots you may or may not have distorted completely by using eight different filters. We're talking about those rarely captured moments of beauty in which the natural colors of a landscape pop.

It's no secret that National Geographic does an excellent job of cataloging these moments. Their latest book, Life in Color: National Geographic Photographics [National Geographic, $40.00], arranges stunning pictures of animals, landscapes and people across the globe according to the image's vibrant colors.

Check out these stunning pictures of hazy blue gondolas, neon green chameleons and more:

6 Gorgeous National Geographic Photos