10/22/2012 03:42 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2012

Borscht Film Festival's 8th Lineup Announced (YAY!)

Miami, meet your new favorite Ocho!

The local geniuses behind "I Am Your Grandma" and "Life And Freaky Times Of Uncle Luke" have just announced the lineup of commissioned films for the 8th Borscht Film Festival.

Though Borscht 8 won't screen its whole slate of Miami-made shorts until December 15 at the Arsht Center (tip: get tickets NOW), you might have already spotted casts and crews out filming around town. This year, the roster includes guest international filmmakers, more emerging domestic talent, and some of your favorite local Miami movie-makers, writers, musicians, and performance artists -- all of whom will produce their commissioned flicks right here in the 305.

In fact, the lineup includes a collaboration with Court 13, a New Orleans-based regional film collective whose feature "Beasts of the Southern Wild" is fresh off wins at Cannes and Sundance, and the first feature from musician Adan Jodorowsky, whose father Alejandro is known for his own avant-guarde film work.

Call it a case of success breeding success: Borscht 7 sent films to more than 50 international film festivals and museum exhibitions, where the crew met and bonded with a whole 'nother level of like-minded collaborators.

Color us already giddy about Bleeding Palm's sure-to-be-insane flick, "Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse", the return of Coral Morphologic and Otto Von Schirach, the DJ Laz back-in-the-day collabo "Miami 1996," and, as always, more from "Grandma's" Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva.

And then there's Julian Yuri Rodriguez of last year's hilarious only-in-Miami canal crime caper "Piratas," currently working on a short involving bath salts, roosters, and and underground fighting ring. Why not?

“You don’t need to be anywhere specific to create world-class work, as long as you are surrounded by people who inspire you in a place you love," said Borscht's Milton Garcia in a statement. "We hope our festival will become a forum for these filmmakers to share their work and ideas away from commercial pressures, and that these collaborations create an exchange and dialogue between various regional film centers, which are increasingly becoming the birthplace of some of the most interesting independent projects."

Here's the slate below, and again, grab tickets for December 15 now -- there's a free option, as always, but hundreds were turned away from the Arsht Center on the big night last year.

Guest International Filmmakers:
"The Voice Thief": Adan Jodorowsky (Mexico) + Asia Argento
"Waiting for Berta": Laimir Fano (Cuba)
"Untitled Animation": Julia Pott (UK)
"Soul O": Sean Metelerkamp (South Africa) + Jacuzzi Boys

Guest Domestic Filmmakers:
"Turd": Andrew Zuchero (Philadelphia)
"Si Nos Dejan": Celia Rowlson-Hall (Virginia)
"Sea Devil": Calavera (New York)
"Untitled Stunt Spectacular": Ray Tintori (Court 13, New Orleans)

South Florida Filmmakers:
"When We Lived in Miami": Amy Seimetz
"#PostModem": Jillian Mayer + Lucas Leyva
"Pineal Warriors": The Rise of Supermeng: Egon von Schirach + Otto von Schirach + Blowfly
"Miami 1996": Nick Corirossi + DJ Laz
"RAPEDOG": Julian Yuri Rodriguez
"Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse": Ronnie Rivera (Bleeding Palm)
"Places Where We Lived": Bernardo Britto
"The Coracle": Coral Morphologic

Other Local Filmmakers and Projects Receiving Support:
"Red": Vanessa Garcia
"A Hawk Once Told Me": Michael Ruiz Unger + Psychic Mirrors
"The Adventures of Edson Jean": Edson Jean
"Beneath the Paint": Camila Alvarez + Jesse Meadows
"Pan de Gloria": Eric Valdes (Artex Productions)



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