10/22/2012 03:08 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2013

Haunted Houses: Realtor.com's Haunted Real Estate Survey Says 32 Percent Of Homebuyers Would Purchase A Paranormal Property (PHOTOS)

Think your house is haunted so you're looking to move...fast? Don't worry, selling it won't be a problem, but potential homebuyers are going to want a discount.

Realtor.com recently surveyed 1,910 people looking to buy a home and found 32 percent, roughly 1 out of 3, would consider buying a “haunted" property. And of those who said they would, 26 percent reside in the Midwestern region of America.

And the paranormal activities people are willing to live with are quite shocking. More than half would live with warm or cold spots found in the house, while 41 percent would even buy a pad where there were reported ghost sightings. Oh, and levitating objects? Yeah, a daring 36 percent wouldn't mind.

But of these fearless buyers, only 15 percent would pay full market value of the home, while 19 percent were only willing to invest with a 31-50 percent discount. Though, you many get really lucky and stumble upon a buyer that represents the two percent who are willing to pay more than what it's worth to call the spooky abode home.

We're not sure if we'd be willing to share our homes with a ghost -- except maybe if it was America’s most haunted places and tell us: would you buy a haunted house?

America's Most Haunted Places

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