10/22/2012 01:36 pm ET

Jason Edwin White Busted With Oxycodone In Pants, Says Pants Aren't His: Cops

Pockets full of excuses couldn't keep him out of jail.

When a deputy in Charlotte County, Florida allegedly busted James Edwin White with Oxycodone pills in his pants, the Grove City man had an alibi: the pants weren't his.

The deputy was on a neighborhood patrol, the Sun Sentinel reports, when he stopped White, who was riding a bicycle. White was reportedly trembling, stuttering and had shaky hands.

White gave the deputy permission to search him for illegal substances, according to a new release from the sheriff's office. The deputy allegedly found nine Oxycodone pills, as well as a cut blue straw commonly used to snort narcotics, in White's pants pockets.

According to the news release, White exclaimed, "Oh, wait, these aren't my pants!" just as the deputy pulled out the pills.

His story didn't fly, however, and the deputy arrested White for possession of Oxycodone and drug paraphernalia. On the way to the jail, White reportedly kept insisting the pants were his uncle's, and that he had just thrown them on with no knowledge of what was in the pockets.

Later that day, White posted a $3,500 bond and was released.



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