10/22/2012 06:00 am ET

'Married To Jonas': Dina Pulls Dani Aside To Talk About The Latter's Anxiety Issues (VIDEO)

Dani continues to struggle with her anxiety issues on "Married to Jonas." Last week, she finally admitted to Kevin that she was having them again since her car accident, and they made the difficult decision to table the idea of trying to start their own family.

This week, Dani's sister Dina pulled her aside for a heart-to-heart discussion about the problem. Specifically, she needed to talk to her sister about Dani's tendency to bottle everything up and pretend that it's all fine.

"We just want you to be happy, and we know you’re trying to make everyone else happy. But you’re not happy," Dina told her sister.

These anxiety issues are something that Dina has watched her sister battle for years. Further, she's watched how her sister often puts everyone else's needs and happiness ahead of her own. Talking with her about this now proved just the kind of wake-up call Dani needed. She promised to communicate more about what was going on with her.

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