10/22/2012 09:48 am ET

Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney 'A Salesman And Bullshit Artist Of The Highest Order'

Mitt Romney is lying to everyone and it may just win him the election, according to Matt Taibbi.

"He's just casting off from his moorings and being what he basically is at heart, which is a salesman and bullshit artist of the highest order," the Rolling Stone contributing editor wrote of Romney in a blog post Friday.

"He's run all fall on completely made-up, mathematically-incoherent jobs and tax plans... and the presidency is in sight," Taibbi continued.

Romney and his running-mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have lied more often than President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden during the campaign, according to a new analysis of Politifact rulings by Eclecta Blog. The blog also found that Romney has said 59 percent of all "Pants on Fire" lies made by the four candidates, according to Politifact.

Many of those lies may be related to the misrepresentation of his tax plan. According to the Tax Policy Center, Romney's tax plan would dramatically cut taxes for wealthy households, lower taxes slightly for the middle class and raise taxes on the poor, while increasing the deficit by $5 trillion. Romney has denied this is what his tax plan would do.

"I will not, under any circumstances, reduce the share that's being paid by the highest-income taxpayers. And I will not, under any circumstances, increase taxes on the middle class," Romney said at the second presidential debate last week.

Despite Romney's insistence, the Tax Policy Center has found that Romney's tax plan would cut taxes for the rich, and that it would be mathematically impossible for Romney's tax plan to not increase the deficit, as Romney has promised, without raising taxes on the middle class.



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