10/22/2012 07:34 am ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

Mitt Romney Blimp-Like Airship Crash Lands In Democratic Broward County (VIDEO)

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In South Florida's staunchly blue Broward County, Mitt Romney's message has gone down like a lead balloon -- or a thermal airship with his face on it.

Fortunately, no one was injured when the airship, bearing the candidate's grinning likeness with the slogan "America Needs Romney," actually did crash land in a Broward field Sunday night.

Officials said the 160-foot, blimp-like craft was traveling between Boca Raton, where the Republican presidential candidate will face President Barack Obama in a final debate Monday night, and Pembroke Pines when winds began pushing it in the opposite direction, forcing the pilot down in an empty lot in Davie.

"We saw the blimp hovering over the house and it was floating backwards. It looked like it was actually coming down," said Davie resident Teri Balter. "I thought boy, Mitt Romney really wants us to vote for him."

Another person was also aboard the airship, but neither was injured. The craft struck tail first and then gondola before rolling onto its side as it deflated, said Davie Police spokesman Capt. Dale Engle.

According to the Miami Herald, the land on which Air Romney went down was set aside for a housing development that never materialized.



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