10/23/2012 04:36 pm ET

2012 Presdential Election: BET Airs Pro-Romney Commercial (VIDEO)

With the third and final debate concluding on Monday evening, the next two weeks will be viewed as a crucial period for both candidates. And as expected, new campaign ads are rolling out in both President Obama or Governor Romney’s favor.

One ad in particular, a Pro-Romney clip, sponsored by the PAC-run group, Pivot Point, has received a significant amount of air-time on BET. The 30-second spot cites Obama’s 2008 election as “thrilling” and “historic,” then switches its focus to what they consider to be the President’s lack of support for the black community and his support for gay marriage, asking, “How can I vote for someone who doesn’t respect me?”

According to the Washington state-based group’s website Obama’s “broken promise” stems from a variety of issues:

After electing President Obama in 2008, Americans looked with pride at the potential of a fresh start, with a dynamic, intelligent, and charismatic leader. We were optimistic. We were hopeful. We felt united.
Unfortunately, the promises of 2008 have eroded and laid bare the harsh reality of politics as usual.

Under President Obama’s policies, America’s once powerful economy has been cowered with uncertainty, shackled by over-regulation, and bullied by an expansive federal bureaucracy. Under President Obama’s stewardship, we’ve seen an explosion of government spending and the imposition of yearly trillion-dollar budget deficits. Under President Obama’s leadership, America is weaker and more vulnerable than ever before.

Worst of all, rather than justify our optimism that his presidency would finally build bridges of cooperation and usher in a new era of unity and common purpose; he has exploited our differences and shattered the optimistic hope of unity America felt in 2008.

America is headed in the wrong direction. Though sincere in his goals and earnest in his convictions, President Obama has been unable to solve our Nation’s problems. President Obama is not evil, just incompetent.

It doesn’t have to be this way. America can do better.

Check out Pivot Point’s Pro-Romney commercial above.



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