10/23/2012 01:53 pm ET

Adele Baby: Singer Skips 'Skyfall' London Premiere To Spend Time With Newborn Son

As seemingly half of London was getting ready for the world premiere of the new James Bond movie Monday night, Adele was focusing on diapers rather than royalty. While everyone scrambled to get an invite, Adele opted instead to stay home with her new baby boy.

“Prince Charles and Camilla are expected at the event at The Royal Albert Hall, along with the cast, and although they will get to hear [Adele] over the film's credits, they won’t get to see her in person,” one guest attending the London premiere said.

Throughout her pregnancy, the singer was almost never seen in public, instead remaining at home in her 10 bedroom mansion in Sussex, which she shares with boyfriend, Simon Konecki.

“Adele has never enjoyed walking red carpets, she has often said she would rather stay home with a cup of tea and biscuit. And now that she has her son, she has another reason to stay in. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see even less of her now,” one London entertainment reporter tells me.

Interestingly, no James Bond theme has ever gone to the top of the U.K. charts, something the "rolling in the diapers" mom might be about to change.