10/23/2012 10:04 am ET

Imaginary Cigarette Causes Real Fire At University Of Michigan Hospital

Smoking is a major hazard to your health -- even when the cigarettes are imaginary.

A patient at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor started a fire Saturday night when he attempted to light up a cigarette that didn't actually exist, the Associated Press reported.

The patient, whose name has not been released, "thought he had [a cigarette]," University public safety spokeswoman Diane Brown told, and ended up lighting his bedding on fire.

A nurse successfully put out the blaze before it spread, according to an incident report filed by the University of Michigan Police Department. The report stated that the nurse sustained a minor injury and the patient was unharmed. However, reported that both the patient and nurse suffered from burns.

This isn't the first time someone's imagination has gotten them into trouble. Back in June, Florida man Peter Bauer spent a whole morning battling imaginary Croatians. He allegedly wound up trying to flee into his neighbor's home, and got slapped with a very real attempted burglary charge.



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