10/23/2012 12:22 pm ET

Joe Scarborough On Debate: Mitt Romney Was 'Uncomfortable' On Foreign Policy (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough was not happy with Mitt Romney's showing on foreign policy at Monday's debate.

The MSNBC host criticized both candidates, saying that Obama appeared "unpresidential" in his attacks on Romney. However, he said that Romney was decisively weaker during the debate.

"You didn't realize how uncomfortable Mitt Romney was with foreign policy until he started talking about domestic policy and he looked so confident," Scarborough remarked. "He looked like the Mitt Romney of Denver. And then they went back to foreign policy and there was a little sweat, there's nerves, his voice wasn't in command."

Scarborough declared that Obama "outclassed his Republican opponent" in terms of policy — an assessment he admitted was "ironic" for a conservative to make. He attributed Romney's performance in part to what he said was the candidate's decision to craft his foreign policy platform on his own.

"He didn't have the foreign policy giants around him and he's the guy that made that decision and I think he paid for that last night," Scarborough said.

Later, he did offer that Romney's tone was "pitch perfect," which he said counted a lot for voters.



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