10/23/2012 07:07 pm ET

What Is The iPad Mini? 21 People Who Just Don't Get It

"What, what the hell is an iPad mini!? Is it a phone... or an iPod?"

That seems to be what the more disgruntled half of the Twittershpere is shouting after Apple's latest product announcement.

On Oct. 23, CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at the California Theater in San Jose to show off a slew of new products, including a super-slim new iMac, as well as a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. And then there was the iPad mini...

Celebrated by some and baffling to the rest, this new 7.9-inch tablet is Apple's answer to Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7 tablets, respectfully. But the company had to know they'd get some backlash for launching what appears to be a hybrid between the 10-inch iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone 5.

Hence, tweets like this:

There were scores of other people, of course, who weren't just angry -- they were downright confused. Apple's iPad mini left many of them scratching their heads and pondering the difference between an iPod Touch and an iPad mini. We've collected some of our favorite tweets by confused web users who simply do not get the concept of a scaled-down iPad. Check out their reactions in the slideshow (below), and tweet us with your own opinions on the iPad Mini at [@HuffPostTech]. Read on to bone up on everything else Apple announced at its big media event on Tuesday.

"What The Hell Is An iPad Mini?"