10/24/2012 01:43 pm ET

Colorado's Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure, Amendment 64, Gets A Theme Song (VIDEO)

Legal weed finally has a theme song.

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, the pro-pot group backing Colorado's marijuana legalization ballot measure Amendment 64, have produced a jaunty new theme song for the measure that is as catchy as it is informative.

"Take marijuana off of the streets, put it in a store," the song lyrics begin. "We can make it harder for the teens to buy, sell it like a bottle of wine! Jobs for our people, money for schools -- who could ask for more? Strict regulation, fund education -- Yes on 64."

Give the song a listen above.

Amendement 64 seeks to end marijuana prohibition in Colorado by allowing for marijuana to be sold to adults, taxed and regulated similarly to alcohol. According to the Associated Press, analysts project that that tax revenue could generate somewhere between $5 million and $22 million a year in the state. An economist whose study was funded by a pro-pot group projects as much as a $60 million boost by 2017.

A64 has its share of high-profile opponents, however, all three states with marijuana legalization measures on the ballot this November -- Colorado, Washington and Oregon -- are getting backed by an increasingly diverse group of public figures across a range of ideological perspectives. And according to recent polls, the initiatives in Washington and Colorado appear to be especially popular among voters.

Early voting has begun in Colorado and state voters are already deciding if marijuana prohibition should end in the Centennial State. This is the second time that Colorado voters will decide on pot legislation -- in 2006, voters rejected a similar recreational pot legalization initiative.



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