10/24/2012 03:51 pm ET

Detroit Tigers Quiz: How Well Do You Know 2012 AL Champions?

How well do you know the 2012 American League champion Detroit Tigers?

If you paid the least bit of attention to baseball this season then you know that Miguel Cabrera became the first player to win the Triple Crown (by leading his league in batting average, HR and RBI) since 1967. You likely also know No. 1 pitcher Justin Verlander is arguably the most dominant starter in the game. But do you know the players' nicknames or the precise path they took to win the Junior Loop pennant?

With veteran manager Jim Leyland's club squaring off against the San Francisco Giants in the 2012 World Series, it's a perfect time to brush up on your Tigers trivia.

Test your knowledge with these questions and then impress (and perhaps eventually annoy) your friends with the encyclopedic depth of your fandom.