10/25/2012 01:32 pm ET

Identical Twin Redheads Wear Coordinated Black-And-White Outfits (PHOTO)

identical twin redheads black white

They swear it was an accident, but does it really matter?

These identical twin red-haired girls say they unintentionally wore adorable coordinated black-and-white outfits one rainy day. (Even their umbrellas match!)

Between the rain, the "castle," their outfits and their hair, the image seems to set a pretty British scene -- or at least that's what commenters on Reddit think.

Of course, one sister's username, "DrFrodoPotterWho" -- which incorporates popular characters from British fiction -- probably helps further the motif.

The catch? These 16-year-olds are actually Australian.

"I did feel very British at the time," one twin wrote in her defense.

Regardless of their origins, identical twins do seem to get a lot of attention.

In August, a video of these adorable identical twins dancing at mealtime went viral.

Pxyleyes recently compiled a photo album of the 50 most beautiful twins in the world, which incidentally features more than a few red-haired siblings.



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