10/24/2012 07:33 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2012

LA County Ballot Measures 2012: Three Measures To Decide On (PHOTOS)

Ever gotten into the voting booth only to realize that there was a section you forgot to study beforehand? There's a good chance that that section may have been local ballot measures.

This year, there are three LA County ballot measures to vote either for or against (see slideshow below). The one that has received the most attention is Measure B, which would require porn actors to wear condoms on set. Measure J would extend for 30 years a one-half cent sales tax that currently goes towards transportation spending, including traffic relief and light rail construction. Measure A is an advisory measure about whether to change the LA County Assessor office from an elected position to an appointed position.

And, depending on what city you live in, there may be one or a few more measures to decide on. Dozens of cities and school districts across the Southland have placed tax proposals on the ballot in a desperate measure to recover from the recession and balance budgets. Click here to see if you live in one of these cities.

And don't forget to vote on November 6! Click here to find your polling place.

Check out the arguments for and against the three LA County ballot measures:

LA County Ballot Measures 2012