10/24/2012 12:30 pm ET

Mayor Bloomberg Could Use Super PAC To Influence 2013 Mayoral Race In New York City

Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn't ruling out the possibility of using his new Super PAC to influence the 2013 mayoral race in New York City.

When asked by the Daily News Tuesday if he'd utilize the PAC next year, Bloomberg responded:

“It’s a long ways away. And I’ve got to think long and hard,” Bloomberg said when asked if his superPAC might back a candidate next year.

I’ve got to be mayor right up through and make sure there’s a transition. So what I really want to do, and how much I can do, how appropriate it is, I haven’t really thought about. But there’s plenty of time to do that. Right now I’m worried about Nov. 6.”

The billionaire mayor-- who is the tenth richest person in the US-- launched his Super PAC last week in order to support moderate candidates across the country who advocate for marriage equality and gun control.

If deployed locally, the Super PAC would allow Bloomberg to spend unlimited funds in favor of mayoral candidate of his choice-- most likely current City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

(The News also speculates the funds could go towards helping Police Commissioner Ray Kelly win the mayorship. Kelly, a close ally of Bloomberg's, has so far denied having interest in the position.)

The money would likely go towards political ads and mailings, and is allowed only if the spending amount is made public and isn't in coordination with a particular campaign.

In the current crop of likely mayoral candidates, not all are enthused at the prospect of Bloomberg's influence.

“Another election spending binge is the last thing New York City needs from its mayor,” Public Advocate Bill de Blasio told The News. “Ultimately, I think the people of this city want their voices to be heard and will reject any attempt to drown them out.”

Bloomberg spent $109 million of his own money to win his third term as mayor of New York City.