10/24/2012 03:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama Underwear vs. Romney Underwear: Which Sells Best? (PHOTOS)

There have been polls upon polls upon polls since this presidential race started, all trying to figure out who is going to win the darn thing: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

But Gallup, Pew and the rest of the pollsters can relax because we've discovered the ultimate predictor of the 2012 presidential election: underwear sales., an online retailer of personalized t-shirts, undies and other household items, reports that it has seen a notable contrast in sales of pro-Obama underwear versus pro-Romney underwear. All four styles of pro-Obama undies on -- boxers, briefs, thongs and boy shorts -- are outselling the pro-Romney styles.

The style that's selling the best of all? The Obama thong, which sort of makes sense when you consider Obama's strong lead among women voters. (See? We told you this was a surefire political polling tool!)

Interestingly, CafePress has another finding when it comes to political panties: while Obama supporters out-buy Romney supporters for pro-candidate undies, anti-Obama customers are out-hustling anti-Romney folks when it comes to anti-candidate skivvies. Almost no one has bought anti-Romney boxers and briefs and just a small amount have purchased anti-Romney thongs and boy shorts. Yet anti-Obama undies of all styles have been sell strongly.

Interpret that as you will. In the meantime, we'll sit here pondering which style of undergarment the two men in question would purchase. After all, both candidates declined to specify their "boxers or briefs" preference in interviews, leaving it to the, er, imagination.

Check out the stats and a sampling of the political panties below.


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