10/24/2012 05:50 pm ET

Pig Tracks Down Cat Presumed Dead In Farm Fire (VIDEO)

When a devastating fire ravaged the once stately Perry Hill Farm in Bedford, N.H., on September 6, it looked like the estate had lost a number of cats along with its 14 horses.

That is, until the farm's mascot -- a 1,000 lb. pig -- was able to track down a lost feline.

According to ABC News, the 9-year-old pig, Colby, had just finished her breakfast three days after the fire, when she began to trot off into nearby woods. Her bewildered caregivers decided to follow her.

“She was on a mission. For her, it was quite a distance,” Harriet Finks, who owns Perry Hill Farm, told MSN News.

Colby stopped at what seemed a random place in the woods and began to sniff at something. When Finks went closer to investigate she discovered Gumbo, one of the cats she had presumed dead in the fire.

Gumbo was in the woods for three days, injured and alone,” Finks told ABC News. “We have a lot of wild animals and you couldn’t see him. He would have died out there. Now we have him back.”

When he was rescued, Gumbo couldn't walk due to severe burns on his feet, reports MSN News. One side of his body, his back and the the tips of his ears and his tail were all severely burned, and he had no whiskers. After spending a month in veterinary care, he is now recovering at home.

But the miracles don't end there. Nearly two weeks after the fire Gumbo's sister, Gadget, also made her way back to the farm on her own after being presumed dead.

According to the farm's Facebook page, in addition to the lucky felines, seven other cats made it out at the time of the fire, along with seven ponies, a miniature horse, and two goats.

While the tough road of rebuilding the farm lies ahead, Finks is grateful for what she still has.

“We’re thankful for Miss Colby,” she told ABC News, “We’re thankful for everyone. Everyone’s been very helpful.”



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