10/24/2012 07:39 am ET

'Taboo': Asymmetrical 350-Pound Man Has All Of His Fat Distributed On The Left Side Of His Body (VIDEO)

The latest episode of "Taboo" dealt with something more inexplicable than taboo. James Sceville is a big guy, at 350 pounds and 6'3", but he doesn't look like other guys his size. That's because for as long as he can remember, his body has distributed fat almost exclusively to his left side.

It certainly creates for an unexpected visual, with his right arm and leg looking virtually slim compared to their counterparts on his left side. The difference is so severe, his left foot is a full size-and-a-half larger than his right.

He traveled to meet with specialists in New York seeking answers, but what he learned was that he basically had something new and unknown.

"James is one of a kind," a doctor who'd examined him said. "He has some parts of different kind of syndromes, but he doesn’t fit any of the classic characteristics."

James was pleased to learn that his condition wasn't life threatening, and that cosmetic surgery could help balance out his appearance.

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