10/24/2012 12:16 pm ET

When Strict Abortion Laws Lack Medical Sense

“The baby would likely be stillborn in the seventh or eighth month,” Sheila Sunder wrote of her first trimester ultrasound results in a Motherlode blog post. “If carried, miraculously, to term, it would suffer from Trisomy 18, likely Down syndrome and heart failure. It did not possess a nasal bone.”

While this news would be shocking to any pregnant woman, the choices women have to face unviable pregnancies are being limited by abortion laws that do not take such difficult situations into consideration. Sunder joined host Nancy Redd in a HuffPost Live segment to explore why abortions are denied to women with unviable pregnancies, and how some of the proposed abortion laws threaten to put ideological conviction over medical sense.

Sundry and Redd discussed these issues with guests Carole Joffe, author of ‘Dispatches From the Abortion Wars,’ Lindsey Horvath, President of the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women, and Judy Norsigian, Director of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.