10/24/2012 12:26 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2012

World Series Bars San Francisco: The Best Watering Holes To Watch The Giants (PHOTOS)

Like most sports in which the vast majority of gameplay is marked by nothing actually happening, at least 50 percent of your enjoyment of any given baseball game is determined by your surroundings.

Seeing Hunter Pence hit a two-run double is way more exciting if you happen to be sitting in the bleachers at AT&T Park than if you're at home by yourself in your underwear. This is even more accurate if you're a fan of the more "fair-weather" variety and only learned Hunter Pence's name last week.


Now that pretty much everyone in the Bay Area has officially jumped onto the Giants bandwagon, scoring those bleacher seats may prove impossible for all but the most bougie among us.

But take heart. Just because you won't be close enough to the Giants' dugout to braid Brian Wilson's beard while you watch the team take on the Detroit Tigers doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the series at a sports bar with some friends over a few pitchers of Anchor Steam.

However, this being San Francisco, the location of said sports bar will undoubtedly be a source of contention.

You can't take your flat brim-sporting Mission hipster buddy, who never gave up on Barry Zito because hating on the Cy Young Award winner was too "mainstream," to a bar in the Marina and expect him not to spend the entire time making snide comments under his breath about drowning in a sea of polo shirts. No matter how legit a spot in the Lower Haight you take you take your fourth-generation Outer Sunset Giants superfan to, he's still going to grouse because he's the only person in the entire bar sporting a Crazy Crab neck tattoo.

You're in luck. We've created a handy guide to the best spots in the city to watch the Giants tear apart Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers--broken down by neighborhood, of course:



Giants Game Bars