10/25/2012 05:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Audrey' Web Series Is Maybe The Worst Show About Food Ever (NSFW)

Sometimes, there are things we wish we could un-see. That is the case with this new web series, "Audrey," about a raunchy food blogger. We try to reign in our rage most days (well, except for this one time) but the overly-sexualized trailer for "Audrey" has twisted the act of food blogging into such perverse new ways that we just can't stay quiet.

Here are things that happened that we wish had not:

  • The first line of the trailer says "My god, looks like she's f*cking the food with her mouth."
  • One of the characters "whacks off" to Audrey's food blog.
  • In a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque tone, Audrey asks "How am I supposed to know what's missing from my meal if I'm full but not satisfied?" Cue bad sex scene immediately afterwards.
  • She calls someone a "grass-fed b*tch."
  • The boss from "Office Space" is cast as a weird food-sex object and he has a mustache.
  • This line: "I'm just a poor girl with chubby fingers and expensive taste."
  • This line: "I vow to lick my plate clean and be a dirty girl."

Want to join in on our rage-fest? The first episode premieres October 29.