'Cannibal' Cop, NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle, Planned To Kidnap 100 Women, According To Report (PDF)

An NYPD officer was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly plotting to kidnap, rape, and then cook up to 100 women.

If that wasn't horrifying enough, the official complaint warrant for the arrest of 28-year-old Gilberto Valle (see below) reveals a series of disturbing exchanges between Valle and an unidentified co-conspirator.

In July, according to the complaint, the co-conspirator asked Valle how big his oven is, to which Valle bluntly answered:

"Big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs...The abduction will have to flawless..I know all of them. I can just show up at her house unannounced, it will not alert her, and I can knock her out, wait until dark and kidnap her right out of her home."

And when discussing a cooking technique, Valle sickeningly suggested a method of torture by cooking "her over low heat, keep her alive as long as possible."

In an email correspondence from February, the officer negotiated the price of kidnapping a woman for a co-conspirator. "Full payment due at delivery," Valle wrote, putting the price at $5000.

When asked if the price could be lowered, Valle said no and acknowledged he was "putting [his] neck on the line" and that his life would be over if he were to ever be caught.

Valle then added that although he will "really get off" by knocking her out unconscious and tying her up, he will restrain himself because he's working to be a "professional."

The New York Post reports that out of the 100 women he named in his files in the alleged conspiracy, Valle's girlfriend was also a target.

Valle was a 6-year veteran of the department and worked at the 26th Precinct in upper Manhattan. Valle was suspended on Wednesday.

Mary Galligan, assistant director of the FBI, suggested in a statement that there were no words to describe Valle's charges. "The allegations in the complaint really need no description from us," she said. "They speak for themselves. It would be an understatement merely to say Valle’s own words and actions were shocking.”

According to the complaint, none of the targeted women were actually harmed.