10/25/2012 05:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Christopher Owens Solo Album: Former 'Girls' Frontman Announces New Project (AUDIO)

We were epically devastated to hear the news earlier this year that San Francisco's own Christopher Owens, the beloved, brooding frontman of indie rock duo Girls, had left his band to pursue other projects.

Enter the silver lining!

Owens announced on Thursday that he plans to release a solo album in January. The record, titled Lysandre, pays homage to his recent life on tour, largely inspired by a woman he met.


Fans throughout the blogosphere eagerly took in the album's first single, "Here We Go," which was posted on Soundcloud along with the melodic, 37-second "Lysandre's Theme." (Nice addition of the Renn-Fest flute, Chrissy.)

Owens explained his inspiration behind Lysandre, which was produced by Girls alum Doug Boehm, in a statement:

Lysandre could easily be mistaken as an album about a love affair and the girl I fell in love with. But it’s much more then that. While love inspired me to write “Lysandre’s Theme”—and the album closes with this encounter—it also tells a story: the story of a writer in a band who suddenly finds himself facing the reality of a first tour and everything that entailed; from writing alone at home, to suddenly being in a band preparing for their first out of town shows. It’s a personal account. My account. Not that of a band or what the world might have seen. This is some of what I was feeling. A little window into my soul.

If the rest of the album sounds anything like the first track, January can't come soon enough.

Listen to "Here We Go" below, then scroll through videos of some of our favorite Girls songs: