10/25/2012 12:43 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2012

McDonald's Holiday Menu: Golden Arches Serving Egg Nog Shakes, Pumpkin Desserts This Winter

The McRib isn't the only holiday gift McDonald's has up its sleeve this year. BrandEating just uncovered the fast food chain's full slate of special holiday menu items, and it's quite a doozy.

Every location will be selling at least two holiday-themed desserts: an Egg Nog Shake (actually a vanilla shake with egg nog syrup added for flavor) and a Holiday Mint McFlurry. Both are making their national debut this year. And the peppermint mocha is coming back after many long months off the menu.

A few locations will also be featuring pumpkin, this fall's trendiest ingredient for chain restaurants and prepared food, in a baked pie and another milkshake. Some locations will also sell a pumpkin spice-flavored mocha.

But for a select group of obsessives, all these menu items pale before the McDonald's holiday special with the biggest cult following of them all: the strangely-colored McDonald's Holiday Pie. That, too, will be returning. But there's no telling where!

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