10/25/2012 08:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney Cast As 'Economic Traitor' In New Ad Campaign

With the 'throw the kitchen sink' phase of the presidential campaign now in high gear, two progressive groups are launching some of the sharpest attacks yet on Mitt Romney's private equity days.

The ad, titled "Economic Traitor," was paid for by Workers' Voice, the super PAC arm of the AFL-CIO, and Patriot Majority, a super PAC linked to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Playing on the controversial decision by Bain to move jobs at the company Sensata from Illinois to China, the ad is a cornucopia of sharp jabs at the Republican nominee, painting him as a heartless plutocrat who cares more about catering to the Chinese for profit than protecting American jobs. In short, it resurrects the caricature of Romney with which he struggled during the summer, only to dispel during the first presidential debate.

Romney campaign spokeswoman Michele Davis pushed back on the ad in a statement to Politico.

"President Obama promised to take China 'to the mat' but China continues to cheat without consequence as Americans across the country lose their jobs. For four years, we've seen the results of President Obama's failure to stand up to China. Mitt Romney will do it on day one of his Presidency," Davis said.

The group said they are putting $1 million behind the ad, which will run in Youngstown, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pa. (presumably in order to reach the eastern part of Ohio); and Green Bay, Wis. All of these, naturally, are areas that have been affected by outsourcing. The group is also investing in pushing the ad online, via Facebook, Google and Bing.



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