10/25/2012 11:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dad And 6-Year-Old Daughter Conduct Rival Campaigns For 'President Of The House' [PHOTOS]

The campaign ads have been called "shocking," "ugly" and "vicious."

No, they're not for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, who are in the home stretch of their campaign for the American presidency. They're for Elissa and Daddy, who are vying for the title of "President of the House." (And don't worry, the critic attacking the ads was Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow in jest.)


Daddy -- a.k.a. Aspirin742 on Reddit -- revealed that the candidates' relationship wasn't as strained in real life as it might appear. ("She's my best friend," he wrote when he posted the photo last Friday.)

As for Elissa's misspelling of the word "poop," dad said he wasn't planning on saying anything: "First, I don't want her using that word and second, I don't want her to beat herself up over it." (We're not sure what to believe -- perhaps he's just hoping the press will get wind of Elissa's gaffe!)

Elissa's mother, Redditor the_baroness, further claimed that the young girl had "resorted to bribing me for my vote": "First, she offered me additional time to study. When I said that I was essentially finished studying at this point, she offered to spend a day with me listening to music. Aspiring742 has offered me nothing."

Polls have shown Elissa in the lead (see below for a nifty electoral map) -- but no matter what happens, Elissa's likely to be happy with the outcome. "[W]e're having her friends and ours (my wife and I) vote in this so I have no doubt that she will win," dad writes. "If she doesn't, I will still tell her that she did."

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