10/25/2012 10:42 am ET Updated Oct 25, 2012

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Relationship Trouble: Couple Staying Together Because It's 'Good For Her Brand' (REPORT)

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been dating for more than a year, but there's reportedly trouble in paradise for the teen power couple.

According to RadarOnline, the couple are on the verge of breaking up all the time, as "jealousy is killing the relationship."

A source tells the website that both stars have jealous tendencies that cause many petty arguments. Despite the fighting, Bieber is still head over heels for Gomez, 20, as she's his first love and "he can't even imagine being without her."

In fact, Bieber has been opening up about his love for Gomez more than ever before.

"I never make [Selena] separate from me because I don’t want her to ever feel like I’m ashamed of her. Because I feel like a lot of guys do that, especially in the business. They don’t want to be seen with the girl, so they’ll make them ride in separate cars. They’ll do that ‘get away’ stuff. [Selena and I] get away where … you know … getting away together,” he explained to Oprah Winfrey in a preview of his "Oprah’s Next Chapter" interview.

The same can't be said for Gomez. RadarOnline's sources claim the former "Wizards of Waverly Place" star is now staying with Bieber only because he is "good for her brand."

According to the website's insider source, staying in the relationship is a calculated career move for Gomez, who is being encouraged by her team to stay with Bieber

"Selena and Justin's relationship isn't the fairytale romance they'd like their fans to believe it is," a friend of the couple told the website. "Justin's heart is with Selena because she's his first true love, but Selena is pretty much just riding out the relationship because she knows he's good for her image."

The former Disney darling has spent the last year trying to slowly transition to more adult roles without alienating her younger fans, just as Bieber's team has made an effort to show that the now-legal singer is maturing. Despite both their efforts, their fanbase is still primarily made up of tweens and young teens, but it's a powerful market and Bieber remains one of the most popular performers in the music scene today. Gomez's team reportedly believes Bieber's popularity has given her career opportunities she otherwise wouldn't have had.

"Let's just say that if for some reason Justin's star ever fell, Selena would drop him immediately," the source revealed to the website.

Requests for comment to Gomez's rep have not been returned at this time.

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