10/25/2012 07:26 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2012

Snake Eats Huge Monitor Lizard (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

A user on photo-sharing website Imgur has uploaded a series of graphic photographs of a snake devouring a huge lizard.

The dramatic pictures, said to have been taken in Australia, were uploaded onto Imgur on Thursday by user "yvesva." The Imgur user says a friend had forwarded the photos and claims the whole "feast" had taken five hours.

The photos are, however, not new. According to the Daily Mail, the pictures emerged in at least 2009. Nonetheless, it seems that the incredible shots are making a resurgence on the Internet this week.


The photos in the Imgur album, which is simply entitled "Snake Eating Goanna," appear to show a black-headed python devouring a goanna (or Australian monitor lizard).

Black-headed pythons, which are native to Australia, are easily identifiable by their shiny black heads and distinct banding. The pythons, which are non-venomous, typically eat reptiles and can grow to up to 10 feet in length, according to the Australian Reptile Park website.

As for the goanna, it is unclear as to what species of monitor lizard it is. Australian monitor lizards can vary greatly in size. According to the Outback Australia Travel Guide, the largest goannas can be more than 6 feet long.

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(h/t: Reddit)

WARNING: Some may find the contents of this slideshow disturbing.

Snake Eats Goanna