10/25/2012 04:21 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

Taylor Swift Ex-Boyfriends: The Definitive Guide To Taylor Swift's Former Boyfriends (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift has ended yet another romance.

The 22-year-old singer reportedly broke things off with her boyfriend of three months, Conor Kennedy, 18.

The perpetually heartbroken singer has an impressively long list of short romances with half of Hollywood. While Swift's relationships don't last long she completely invests herself in them, and admittedly falls in love far too easily:

"The way I look at love is you have to follow it, and fall hard, if you fall hard. You have to forget about what everyone else thinks," she recently told Rolling Stone. "It has to be an us-against-the-world mentality. You have to make it work by prioritizing it, and by falling in love really fast, without thinking too hard. If I think too hard about a relationship I'll talk myself out of it. ...I have rules for a lot of areas of my life. Love is not going to be one of them."

If you were ever wondering why Swift is never short on inspiration for hit songs, look no further than the definitive guide to her past confirmed and rumored romances:

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